Thursday, 12 May 2016

No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Monday 9th May 2016

DBM - Samurai v Southern Dynasties Chinese - the latter being an experimental army.  It was a slow business with the Chinese starting to take losses near the end of the game.  I doubt that I will be fielding this army again.

Chang Cheng (boardgame) - with rival officials competing for favour by holding the Great Wall against the Mongol hordes.  It wasn't obvious at the start that the  'optional' two-player rule' was a must.

Square Bashing - Germans x British 1916

Tuesday 10th May 2016

 My Jinetes arrived from Model Hobbies: 

Red Box 72076 (set 1):    
& 72077 (set 2):               

After this sudden influx of 'Spanish' troops (Conquistadores & Jinetes) I need to re-appraise my armies.  New decisions need to be made - hence the heading - a quote from Helmuth von Moltke the Elder (1871, paraphrased in  1964)

Some of the Jinetes have quilted armour which would be more suitable for the Spanish or Portuguese 'lancers' of the New world.  Methinks I will carry out some substitutions!  Similarly I now have sufficient numbers to carry out the same exercise with some of the foot units. 

I'm inclined towards creating an English Colonial (1.40), a later Dutch Colonial (3.20) and, possibly a Low Countries Spanish (1.47).  The last of these gives the direct opponent of my existing Dutch Rebellion (1.48) army but I lack the necessary Knights. 

Waiting for the dust to settle would be the wisest course .....but we shall see!

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