Friday, 30 September 2016

A Day Late

Yes I's Friday.  Too much to do yesterday.....RL getting in the way again.

Monday 26th September 2016 - WDW

Sparse attendance today - "I Am Sparticus" boardgame, Zombies (Ambush Z) & a three-handed DBM game.

Chris was supposed to be bringing his New Kingdom Egyptians to face Andy's Makkan.  With three of us present, and unable to contact Chris, we scrounged sufficient NKE figures from club stocks for Al to provide some opposition.  It was a cagey fight with Al holding back his main chariot force to face off against Andy's Cm(O). 

One of my Wb(F) commands initially did well but the dice soon turned.  After loosing 6 elements in one bound I became less aggressive.  When the final whistle went one command on each side was tottering on the edge of oblivion.  Nevertheless an entertaining draw.

Friday 30th September 2016 - Progress report - part 2

 Two pics of my incomplete 4h Early Carthaginian chariots.  I finally managed to base 9 (of 10), putting 'trees' on them (twigs) and placing some 15mm crew for scale.

I will not be permanently mounting the crew as I want to 'double-purpose' these expensive chariots.  Tidying up the painting comes next and making trays for the crew.   Not sure which way I am going to go - steel paper and magnabase - but what gets what?

And now for something completely different........

Two pics from Chris of his WW1 tank demonstration game.  This is happening soon at The Armouries, Leeds.

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