Thursday, 8 September 2016

Not A Lot....

Monday 5th September 2016 - WDW

DBM - Hindu Indian v Rajputs.  A  fight between competing faction within the same sub-continent.  Andy went for Rajputs which gave him plenty of Camels (surprise! surprise!). I commanded a more sober 'government' force with a 'renegade' Rajput ally.   Having compulsory fanatic troops in each command made control problematic (Andy was in a worse position having Irr Bd(F) and Irr Kn(F) in each command.

Hats off to Andy & Chris who managed to break our two smallest commands.  In retrospect I should have gone with 3, rather than 4 commands, thereby giving a higher break point.  An interesting game if a bit 'hairy' at times.

On the other tables - Fubar WW2 (French  v German);  Wings of War aerial dogfight and a 3-way game of "Churchill".  Sitting next door to the boardgame it was  like listening to Pathe News.  Well done to the designers for recreating the period atmosphere.

That's All Folks - maybe more next week!

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