Thursday, 25 August 2016

WW1 Progress Report

Not a lot happening this week on the wargaming front - no WDW.  I'm also still suffering from a throat infection and getting little sleep.  Still I have managed to make progress on the WW1 East African front.

The German Forces:

9 x Ruga Ruga - a real mixture of figures - Tarzan, Zulus, Red Indians and others that I cannot identify.  The eagle-eyed will spot some unfinished items, missing shields etc.

2 x Germans Seabattalion (white uniforms);
2 x German 'regulars' (khaki)
8 x Askaris (mostly the awful old HaT box with a few recent additions.

Tried to photograph some  others but light levels are pretty poor at the moment.  The camera insisted on using flash (in spite of 3 spotlights.  I had to use the 'suppress flash' setting which meant that the 'anti-shake' was turned off.  Will try again tomorrow (after the threatened deluge).

With the Brits (pictures next week) I now have all the figures in a useable state.  How much tidying up I can do in the time remaining is in the lap of the gods!

On another matter.....

Featuring the David Tennant Doctor and the splendidly feisty Donna (Sharon Tate) this is a good yarn set in Indai on the verge of independence.  The period touches are wonderful and Gandhi comes over as very likeable.

Ghosts of India is a good read - well worth the money.

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