Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Nearly Man

It's one of those weeks when you think...."I'll get that job done by Thursday".  Alas real life gets in the way and you become a 'nearly man'.

Saturday 6th August 2016 - WDW

Turned up lunchtime to find the lads 'Square Bashing'.  Apparently there had been a 20C naval game on in the morning.  Too late to join in anything though!

Monday 8th August 2016 - WDW (again)

The big game was "Attack" with 6 people playing.  A sort of variant on Risk.  It seemed to me that they spent far longer on the rules than actually playing the game.

Andy & John played a rare game of DBA (v3).  I think that's the fourth this year.

With Chris absent the other three had a DBM bash with Al's Samurai v Andy's Tuaregs.  By close of play the Samurai were one command down.  Not a thrilling game.

Thursday 11th August - deadline

 I finished yet another book:

This book is an expansion of what happened in the tv series 'Deep Space 9'  The writer is constrained in how far she can go and there is precious little suspense.  Still the author does her best. 

On the painting front  I managed to get my WW1 East Africans done plus some elements for DBA-RRR English Colonial.   So two projects completed?  Well......that's when  I spotted a stray box file!

Seems that I am a  'Nearly Man' once again!

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