Thursday, 18 August 2016

The English Are Coming

Monday 15th August 2016 - completed 4 elements to finish my Colonial English DBA-RRR army:

1 x Drg               Colonist mounted muskets
1 x Gun               light gun  [using normal cannons until I find a suitable 'light gun']
1 x Sk                 Caribbean Indians 
                           [don't have any carribean indians but as the English also fought in
                            North America I used some AWI figures]
1 x Sk                 ‘Woods-wise’ colonists  [used Roget's Rangers]

This is the 17th DBA-RRR army that I have painted up so I reckon it's time for a break.  

WDW - DBM Tupi v Spanish (not colonial).  We hid in the bad terrain until throwing a "1" forced us out.  Another turn would have resulted in an ignominious defeat.  The Spanish were throwing ridiculously poor movement dice (usually 2 x 1 plus something else).  I made up for it in combat by throwing ones and twos.

Viet Nam scenario being played on the main table - the Americans won in the end.

Tim's Vichy French managed to inflict a defeat upon the Brits (WW2) in the 2nd round of their ongoing Mediterranean campaign.

Thursday 18th August 2016 - WW1 East Africa - progress report:

Started painting the bases - slightly different colours for the Germans and the Brits (it makes it easier to diffentiate between so much khaki).   Player briefings and maps done.

QRS still to be done.  Play test to be carried out.

I MUST get on with it!!!

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