Wednesday, 3 August 2016

This Is NOT The Way to Do It!!!

(It's 02.45 GMT on Thursday 4th August 2016)

Monday 1st August 2016 - WDW

 DBM - Thracians v Pre-Islamic Arabs.

The scribbled plan above shows my troops in black and the enemy in blue.  I really made a mess of my deployment.  Command one had all my cavalry plus 10 Lh(O) - stuck between a steep hill and two woods.  Command 4 (the Greeks) were hung out to dry on the right flank.  In hindsight I should have put the hoplites between the hills (a la Thermopylae) and command one on the right.  Basic rookie mistakes.

This shows what happens when you turn up frazzled after being diverted off course because some a***h**e thought he could get under a low bridge.  Luckily Al & I managed to hold out for a draw.

On the other tables - WW1 Naval, American War of Independence (Black Powder) & WW2 in the Desert (Vichy French v Americans).

Tuesday 2nd August 2016 - finished another book

 A more joyous book about Steam coming to the Discworld.  Clearly the author had benefitted from spending time on the Watercress line (as I did).  The counter-balance to his last (ever) book that showed the downside of new technology.  No matter what the cultural differences Pratchett tells us that we all have our place in society.  Clearly a message that needs to be repeated loudly in post-Brexit England.

Thursday 4th August 2016 - Red Box figures (from Hannants) arrived this afternoon.

RB72096 - Spanish infantry 16C - set 1
RB72099 - Italian infantry 16C - set 1
RB72108 - Scottish Light Cavalry - War of the Roses

All of these are currently sitting in the "Awaiting Review" section of PSR. 

The infantry have an awful lot of flash around the sprue and figure base making them hard to separate.  The cavalry have no distinct lessening between sprue and riders' legs.

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