Thursday, 3 November 2016

Real Toy Soldiers

Sunday 30th October 2016

Sunday morning I was moving trays of figures.  The Daleks, and other Dr Who figures, glared at me.  Some are fully painted, some partially.  The project had stalled lacking opposition of a suitable size. 

Finding myself in Pontefract I went to Poundland and found:

Green Hornet DVD - managed to find the tv series on Youtube - the one with Bruce Lee as Cato - great fun.  The film is utter rubbish - don't waste your money on it - even £1 was far too much.

"Bag of Soldiers - Fight with the best - Combat - 385-92-8473"
Made in Birmingham by Funtastic

Height (base bottom to top of helmet) = 34-36 mm (kneeling figures are around 25mm)
My Daleks are approx 32mm high.

(8)         (12)         (11)         (6)

(6)           (6)           (6)            (5)

(6)          (11)          (13)          (5)

Total = 95 figs plus 1 flagpole (and base)

Having treated the figures to a wash and pva I decided to photograph them.

The poses are not brilliant, the plastic doesn't bend very well (I almost broke one at the ankles when trying to straighten it and the weaponry is ridiculously small.

On the plus side they are dirt cheap and of the right scale.  Although the uniform is incorrect it could be painted to represent UNIT groups as featured in the last Torchwood series (awful though it was).  Still haven't found anything that looks like the earlier British uniforms - suppose that I will keep looking.

Monday 31st October 2016

Ace of Aces (WW1 'book' game)
Square Bashing - 1914 Fr v Ger
Race to the Rhine 1944 (boardgame)
Hell by Daylight (Modern skirmish)

DBM - Later Judaen v Ancient British.  My plan was to demonstrate on the left flank, hold in the centre and attack on the right.  Al was my sub-general with the attacking wing.  He had a mass of Reg Ax(S) plus supporting Ps on a steep hill.  Our Romans were closer to the centre.  Given that there were 14 Roman elements opposing us I concluded that there was nothing in the wood - little did I know!  Al threw in some Ps(O) only to find 5 more Roman Ax(S).  It was at this point that I checked the army lists - Ancient Brits are only allowed 12 elements of Roman allies.  So facing an illegal army my plan went to pot.

As it played out our Roman command broke with my central command within 2 elements of falling apart.  The massed Wb of 40 elements (plus supports) were within 7 of going.

It didn't help that Andy was on a dice spree throwing a large number of 5s & 6s.  In spite of front and flanking the enemy my dice were dismal.  An ignominous defeat with only the moral high ground in our favour.

Thursday 3rd November 2016 - doing some research for the Marian Roman (DBMM 2.49) army list. 

Started to break down the list (Asia Minor v European) only to find sections featuring generals - Lucius Cornellius Sulla, Crassus, Brutus & Julius Caesar - for which I needed more information.  Hopefully that will be the subject for next weeks posting!

This Week's Items of Interest from the Internet:

Battle of Tarvis May 1809; a Shako scenario

The French in Indochina 1883-85
Tonkin Campaign

Maps From The First Afghan War  [October 28, 2016]

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