Thursday, 10 March 2016

Not A Lot Going On.....

Too cold to paint in my freezing garret but still reading:

Only about one-third through this one so review later.  Meanwhile back at the club:

 Monday 7th March 2016

DBM - Hunnic v Later Carthaginian - last round of the competition.  Some awful dice throwing by all concerned - failures to move and kill.  Al's left flank eventually fell as he was heavily outnumbered and outclassed - Lh(S) to (O).  On our left flank I could not restrain the Irr Kn(F) and it was only Andy's dice that kept my command intact.  The Wb centres decided to observe rather than take any part in the proceedings.

A 7:3 win for the Huns.  Andy takes the trophy with yours truly an honourable second.

Black Powder on the other table featuring an ACW scrap with 25mm figures.

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