Thursday, 24 March 2016

I Have Been To.....

Another title pinched from a fellow blogger.  Oh well...imitation and all that!

Friday 18th March 2016

Did a thorough review of my DBA-RRR armies and found a number of inconsistencies - some have 12 elements and others 13.  I am going to standardise on 13 (12 rectangular bases and 1 round) to allow for use with more than one rule system.  This means building one of each - Cossacks, Dutch, Moldavians, Persians & Turks. 

In addition if I build 4 more elements (plus 1 round base) for my Early Spanish Colonials I will have a 16th army.  The only problem will be finding enough figures!!!

Saturday 19th March 2016

I went to Triples @ Sheffield.....and here's my (very) modest haul:

5 x Baueda Vikings - Vik4, Vik6, Vik8 & 2 x Vik7 = £18.35
1 x 12 Dice - from "The Works", Barnsley = £1

I now have 40 Viking figures for my DBM Welsh army.  Unfortunately my favourite supplier wasn't there so no more Welsh archers.  Next task is to look up just what other figures* I need.

1 box of HaT Zulu War British command from the 'Bring & Buy' = £2

Been looking for this box since it came out - a useful addition to my stocks.

* When I got home I checked the DBM army list that I last used - I only need 20 Irr Bd(O) Vikings.  So the 'nutters' and the Bondi swordsmen will have to go to another army.  Need to check the WoR box to see just how many bowmen I need.  The 12 Ax(O) can come from the Irish kerns.  Still looking for some suitable cavalry (4 generals & 48 others).

Sunday 20th March 2016

Finished "Price of Paradise" by Colin Brake.  A bit better than the average and managing to convey the personalities of Rose and the (David Tennant) Doctor.  Some twists and turns along the way with a few red herrings thrown in.  One of my more enjoyable Dr Who reads.  [Cover picture a few posts back].

Easter weekend is coming up and the forecast is grey and (possibly) wet - plus ca change!

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