Thursday, 17 March 2016

Painting At Last!

My charming neighbour was contributing her musical selection to the world at large and through the adjoining wall.  I turrned on Classic FM and retaliated.  Still its an ill wind........  I actually got on with some painting (see Wednesday).

Monday 14th March 2016

DBM - Lysimachid v Later Pre-Islamic Arabs.  Al had a hard fight on the left flank but he held on tenaciously.  The central pikes actually got into contact and started loosing figures.  On the right flank I was being aggressive with my Ax(S) & Ps(O).  Nevertheless it was yet another 5:5 draw.

On the other tables - a Star Wars scenario & a (rare) DBA fight.

Wednesday 16th March 2016

Here are some pictures of my new (and 15th) DBA-RRR army:

5 x 4 Wb (Spearmen) plus 1 x Janissary Sh

4 x 3 Cv plus 2 x Lh

The boss man on his donkey / ass

Do you know what it is yet?   The Maghrebi (list 3.3) fought against the Portuguese, Spanish, English & Songhai.  I have modeled the "Algeria 1570 to 1700 ad" version. 

With only 4 Renaissance figures left  on my painting board (Transylvanians) I will have to think about what to paint up next.  There is no shortage of plastic and metal candidates ranging from WW1 to Ancients and Colonial to Fantasy.   I am also planning to go to Triples this Saturday.  Only time will tell dear viewer.

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  1. Nice minis, really like the command element too.