Thursday, 3 March 2016

More Books

Been off all week recovering from this awful virus so I hit the books again.  First there was an entirely forgettable Star Trek tome.

Second was this:

Taken from a radio play this book was a bit of a mixed bag.  It starts out like something written by Douglas Adams - that semi-surrealistic quirky logic.  After that it falls into a standard story with the Doctor & Peri being chased around a space-ship.

Now I couldn't find any reference to which incarnation of the Doctor this was - Peri as the companion (the gorgeous Nicola Bryant) meant two possibilities - Peter Davison or Colin Baker.  The characterisation does not seem to fit with either.  On-line research tells me the play featured the later Dr Who.

An unsatisfactory book as far as I'm concerned - maybe it worked better on the radio!

Monday 29th February - DBM - Scythians v Assyrians.

Tim subbed for me, partnering Al, versus Chris & Andy.  Apparently it was a good game with both sides having opportunities but the dice gods decided condemning  Andy with a  '1' near the end.  A 5:5 draw.

Only two other games were going on - Square Bashing - a board game.  No doubt further information will be forthcoming.

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