Friday, 27 January 2017

Late On Parade

Saturday 21st January 2017

 In the morning - I was occupied elsewhere so couldn't attend WDW.   A pity as the only game was a 30YW Baroque scrap between the Swedes and the Spanish.  A close-run thing with a Pyrrhic (and posthumous) victory for Gustavus.

Late afternoon - in search of the lost shop - found it!  Normal resources didn't help but showed a page and the hint that my target was down a slope.  Go down North Baileygate, after junction with Spink Lane but immediately before the turning to Pontefract (Monkhill) station and find "Major's Flooring" (on the left).  Between the 2 buildings there is a downwards slope.  M & L Models is to the right at the bottom.  A specialist in 28mm plastics.

This Week - some long awaited releases:

 Osprey's Renaissance rules are out at last.  Obtainable from the usual suppliers (e.g. Osprey or Amazon).

 I have been reading Bob Cordery's blog for some time now.   Decribed as "The Portable Wargame Rules for fast-play wargames on gridded tabletops".  Now published by Ellington Books  in three versions - hardback, paperback & Epub.
(scroll down - on right - links to paperback & epub versions)
Personally I don't like the Epub format so used one of the online file converters (

In spite of the tank on the front the rules cover a much wider time frame.  Looking forward to reading this document.

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