Thursday, 2 February 2017

Vapnartak on Sunday

Monday 30th January 2017 - WDW

Baroque ECW - a straight Royalists v Parliamentarians battle (the over-priviledged v the miseries)
Star Wars (Imperial Assault) on cardboard terrain.
Honshu (card game) - this is one I have played before
DBM - Serbian v Hungarian.  I thought that I had broken Chris' command only to find that I had placed some of my casualties in the wrong column.  The result was that one of my (Serbian) commands broke shortly followed by another.  Chris was within one element of breaking.  An 'early bath' at 21.10 hrs.

Thursday 2nd February - DBA in the New World

I finally got around to putting together a Tarascan army list.  It's based upon the Fog lists in "Blood and Gold" plus "Cities of Gold".  I compared the bases total to the DNW Aztecs then reduced it to 30% to make it comparable.  Before the Spanish turned up the Tarascans were getting the better of their enemies and gaining territory on them.


2 to 11         Tiacham             Bd(S)        5
7 to 48         Archers              Sh(O)        3
0 to 4          Slingers               Sk             2
0 to 11         Archers               Sk            2

Example 75 pts Armies

Tarascan                                                             Aztec:

6 x Tiacham      Bd(S)  @  5  =   30                 8 x Warriors        Bd(S)  @   5   =   40
12 x Archers     Sh(O)  @  3  =   36                 10 x Warriors      Bd(O)  @   3  =   30
2 x Slingers       Sk       @   2  =   4                  2 x Slingers         Sk        @   2  =   4
2 x Archers       Sk       @   2  =   4

Comparing the two combatants it would seem that the Aztecs will have a 'walk-over'!  I will have to play it out  and see. Maybe upgrading the archers to Sh(S) would better reflect their reputation as the supreme bowmen in the area!

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