Thursday, 16 February 2017

Just One of Those Weeks!

Monday 13th February 2017 - WDW

King of the Battlefield - French v French (7YW)
Baroque (Impetus) - Montrose v Covenanters - Auldearn 1645
DBMM - Later Achaemenid Persian v Chiang & Ti

DBM - NW American v Anglo-Norman - setup by 18.30 hrs - finish at 19.58 hrs.  The Welsh ally threw a '1' at the start so it sat back and watched proceedings.  The flank march came on first round and its general promptly threw another '1'.  On paper this should have been a walk-over for the Anglo-Normans. Good dice on the NWA side and sluggish response on ours meant that we lost one command and then the Welsh changed sides. I cannot disclose which individual threw both poor dice!!!

Footnote:  didn't know if I would attend WDW this evening after attending the funeral of a close friend.  Really brings home human mortality.

Tuesday 14th February 2017

Having been loaned a copy of "Lion Rampant" I could compare it to "The Pikeman's Lament" (which I purchased at Vapnartak).  The two rule sets are pretty similar - same mechanisms with some period-specific fine tuning.  With LR in my hot stickies I could check out the references in QR (see last posting) and make sense of them.

I have no doubt that a 'primary' set plus supplements could have been produced but applaud Osprey for not going down that particular road with the 'Mersey' books.

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Managed to slap some basic colours on my Incas & Vikings before it got too cold and my fingers turned white.  Not fooled by the sun streaming through the window either. 

Thursday 16th February 2017 - HS2

Going to a traveling show of HS2.  Don't quite know what to expect - it could just be all propaganda.  Strongly opposed to a vanity project which will only benefit London (AGAIN).

Another footnote:  struggling to log out after posting.  Since Microsoft forced the 'Anniversary Update' upon me my internet connection has been slugged.  Will have to resurrect my old 32 bit machine so that I can use Linux again.....or spend yet more time trying to figure out how to get Windows to share......sigh!!!!!


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