Thursday, 12 January 2017

Plastics, Plastics, Plastics

Sunday 8th January 2017 - Calder Valley

At the Halifax model shop I purchased two boxes of soldiers:

1 x HaT 8128 Assyrian Army - a 'portmanteau' box containing a mixture of horse and foot.
     It will add to my collection of unpainted Assyrians.

1 x Red Box RB72024 German East Asia Brigade (Boxer Rebellion 1900) - the uniform pre-dates my WW1 in East Africa figures but is useable in SW Africa at a slightly earlier time.  All I need to do now is generate some 'natives'.

At the Sue Ryder charity shop in Todmorden I picked up a boardgame:

After doing some research I found a components list on Boardgamegeek.  Trouble is that it bore no relationship to the contents of my box.  Further work showed that I had v2 (why can't Games Workshop mark the box or rules?).  This time there was an almost complete match.  The only things missing were 1d6 and 4 character miniatures.  Well nothing vital then. 

In time I will no doubt try the game out.  The cost - £1.25

Monday 9th January 2017 - WDW

Austrians v French 7YW ('Honours of War')
Later Achaemenid Persian v Scythian (DBMM)
Sioux v US Army ('The Men Who Would Be Kings')

Tuesday 10th January 2017

 Finally got around to sorting out the displaced old suitcases within my loft.  A light bulb went off saying "Use them as subject dividers".  So starting at one end I have used them to separate my plastic collection.  I didn't take too long so I pulled out the 'AncMed' cardboard box to sort it out.

Those of you that collect plastic figures will know that the biggest problem is, probably, supply.  As a consequence you tend to buy when you see it and horde until you have sufficient numbers for a given project. 

I sat in my warm living room sorting out the figures, identifying those where the labels had fallen out and amalgamating into 'period' or 'theatre' larger bags.  So now I have:      "Crusaders & Arabs" including an unopened box of "The Knights" Italeri 6009.
     "Rome & Enemies" - mainly Romans & Ancient Brits
     "Biblicals" - but 2 boxes of Sumerians are missing
     "Easterners" (mainly Chinese).

There was a last surprise - hidden under one of the flaps was a small bag containing 3 figures and a load of weapons.  I had found the 'safe place' where I had put my Incas! 

Sorting out my 'Renaissance' box will be next.  Re-uniting weapons with soldiers will revive my 'DBA in the New World' project.  Perhaps sleeping dogs...............

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