Friday, 6 January 2017

Fantasy Today, Diary Yesterday

As promised....part 2 of this week's posting:

Wednesday 4th January 2017

Managed to put together the last 2 Orcs, undercoated them and photographed all the remaining fantasy figures:

 Mounted Cimmerians - Dark Alliance ALL72029

10 mounted figures plus one 'make-weight'.  Some nice poses.

10 horses in 5 poses (one sprue was slightly darker than the other).  Some of the bases were warped and the flash hard to remove.

Orc Warriors (set 2) - Caesar F109

1                    3                    2                    2

3 'clubmen' poses plus a standard-bearer.  A1 & A3 only differ in right foot position.

 1                      4                      2                     3

3 'axemen' poses plus an archer.  The third figure is hard to stand up without a lot of bending.

 3                    3                     2                     3

4 'swordsmen' poses - the first one is prone to falling over.

3                                     3

These are the two poses that come with separate arms - in fact both arms are connected by the axe haft.  I had to do quite a bit of work or them to get them to fit.  They have not been glued nor the sockets filled up with 'liquid greenstuff' - that will come later.

I thought that some of the hooded / helmeted figures could be re-painted as Undead or Barbarians!  The Stone Green undercoating certainly brings out the detail.  I'm sure that the purists will want to undercoat in black but my old eyes cannot cope with that.

35 figures in all.

Now that I have both Goblins and Orcs in my possession the basis of an army is there.  Need to look around for some 'exotica' though.

Hope you liked the extra posting!

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