Friday, 31 October 2014

WW1 East Africa Project (revisited) - Pt.2

A couple of pictures of my Brits:

Left - 30th Punjab regiment             Centre - Masai warriors         Right - actual Brits  

Left - 2nd Jammu & Kashmir Rifles          Centre - Arab auxilliaries              Right - Askaris

Looking through my rules I unearthed the following:

"Hordes of the Empire" by Potter, Blake & Webb

"HotT in Darkest Africa" by Mac Walker
[available on the HotT Yahoo group]

Obviously both are based on "Hordes of the Things.  It looks as though I tried to combine these into one set!

"I Wish I Was In France" by Tony Cullen

Tried these out but found them a bit too complex.  Maybe I should try again!

"East Africa WW1" by Will McNally

Not tried these at all.

"In the Heart of East Africa"
 [] - scroll down for the playsheet

These are a variant of "In the Heart of Africa" a much larger (now commercial) set written by Chris Peers.  I have tried ItHoEA but they are for skirmishes using bases of single figures - fine if you want that scale.

Next time - Pt.3 - more Brit pics & info sources.

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