Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Bumper Harvest

For the first time ever I purchased an entire issue of Hat soldiers (E25) - six boxes in total (very fast service from Model Hobbies Ltd).

I tried photographing the figures but light levels have been so poor since Monday that I haven't managed any decent pictures.  Maybe later!!!

 First up - 8298 Huns - 3 sprues. The only 'ancients' set in the release.  Don't know where they are going to end up but we shall see.

 Two 'colonial' sets next - 8289 Bengal Lancers and 8288 Colonial British Dragoons (3 sprues each).

Last up - three sets that replace the truly dreadful Hat/Coates & Shine WW1 German Colonial Infantry (8123) that only managed 3 for sculpting at PSR [].

We have - 8268 Askaris, 8269 Ruga Ruga & 8270 Schutztruppe.  All these can be used for the WW1 conflict in East Africa (4 sprues per box).  Now if only HaT could manage some combatants for West Africa!

The Ruga Ruga could be used elsewhere and provide a number of baggage handlers which are much needed.

When light permits I will provide photos and, maybe, I will post about my WW1 East Africa project.

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