Wednesday, 29 October 2014

WW1 East Africa Project (revisited) - Pt.1

With the issue of new figures from HaT I decided to dig out the old box files.  Not surprisingly the contents needed some quick repairs and basing work.  The paint job could also do with some improvements.   Nevertheless I intend giving them an outing in late November - so the next job is sorting out the rules.

Here are some of the German forces:

         Left - Ruga Ruga armed with spears & shield
(various sources including Red Indians).
    Centre - Schutztruppe from HaT box 8123
Right - Ruga Ruga armed with muskets / rifles.     

                                                                     Similar to above.

             Not sure where the gun came from (or the mounted officer).
Foot are Schutztruppe again.

                  'Personality' figures from various sources plus machine-guns 
(from who-knows where?).

With another 4 bases of Schutztruppe that's all I have for the Germans.  The Brits will be in part 2.

On the DBM front Monday's match was Early Libyans v Later Sargonid Assyrian.  This is another case of a powerful and successful army doing badly under the rules (like most of the Romans).  The list gives you over-priced 4h chariots (counting as Kn(S) @ 14 ap each) and only packets of other troop types.  Not surprisingly the Assyrians were massacred for the second week running.

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