Wednesday, 1 October 2014

RL Getting In The Way

It's been almost a month since I blogged - real life had interposed itself.  With the Folk Dance season starting in September I have been very busy and the pressure is not easing off (calling today and Friday).  Still I will try to get some painting done soon.

Monday's DBM game was between Lysimachid and Alexandrian Imperial.  Some pikemen actually got into contact (but not with each other).  So a long drawn-out affair with Lysimachus' cavalry arm being whittled away.

The Saturday game featured DBA-RRR with 4 players in a 'round robin' followed by a larger game in the afternoon.

In the first game my Polish hussars went crashing into the French with the inevitable result.  Tim's Colonial Spanish were comprehensively trounced.

The second round saw John Smith triumphant again and my Germans were six-oned relentlessly.

The 'big battle' saw 30YW Catholics versus Protestants.  Quite a struggle which ebbed and flowed for a while until a decisive loss in the centre.

The rules are more subtle than they seem (especially the flank support rule).  I added a few house rules regarding generals for the last game:

(a)  C-in-C's command has 12 elements plus a round command stand.
(b)  SG's commands are 12 strong including a nominated general.
(c)  SG's get +1 for everything and 1d6 for movement.
(d)  C-in-C gets 1d6 for his command plus 1d3 to be distributed as he likes to elements
      or groups within 18"  (9" if line-of-sight is blocked by terrain).

The extra 1d3 made PIP distribution more even and seemed to work fine.

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