Saturday, 11 October 2014

Struggling On

First off - Monday's DBM tussle was between Marian Roman and Abyssinians.  In the centre Wb(O) faced  Wb(F) - at exactly the same points expenditure.  On our (Abby) left flank the motley command of Ps(S) & Lh(O) tried to investigate a large BUA but made little progress.  The other flank was a different story however - our Camels(O) & Lh(O) had Cv and Lh in their sites.  Such an unequal contest resulted in a broken command and a 6:4 win to us.

On the painting front I have almost finished some Chinese warband elements.  Some colour has appeared on the Dutch and Transylvanians but not nearly enough.  Sad to say RL is still getting in the way.

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