Sunday, 1 December 2013

Just Some Quick Notes

My music project has kept me away from painting soldiers - I just hadn't realised for how long.  Coming to the end of it so back to the figures soon - I hope!

Last Monday's fight was Marian Roman v Tamil Indian.  I managed to break one enemy command and my co-consul another.  It wasn't half the army though - so a 7:3 victory only.

A real 'Ancients' night - next to us was an Armati battle between Persians and a 'Triple Alliance' army (what!).  A victory for massed bow fire.

Also being tried out was Impetus in 10mm featuring a Japanese (Samurai) civil war.  Looked like more time was being spent on the rules than playing the game - inevitable I suppose.

At home I solo-ed a 'Conflict at World's End' game between Tupi and Mixtecs.  Even though I had deliberately avoided horses and guns the game was still slow. It got to the stage where the Tupi had no more reserves while the Mixtecs had a third line.  I called it a day.

The 'uncontrolled' moves were ok to start with but caused problems when space was tight:

(a)  falling of the edge of the world - what happens when troops meet the table edge?
(b)  blocked by other (friendly) troops - do they interpenetrate, bounce off or what?

Need to re-read the rules and try again.

With Mars bringing out two new 30 years' Wars Polish boxes perhaps I should get around to building yet another 1/72nd DBA-RRR army.  According to PSR the standard box is a re-working of an earlier set but what the 'Paholki' are I cannot work out.  Maybe I will contact the local Polish community in this area to see if they can throw any light on the subject!

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