Friday, 6 December 2013

Polish 30YW Foot

The postman brought 2 boxes of (Mars) Polish foot soldiers:

72073 - Polish Infantry [early] [Thirty Years War]
72074 - Polish Paholki (Thirty Years War)

PSR has already reviewed the first box: 
They point out that the set is largely a replacement for an earlier one (of which I purchased 2 boxes).
                               72033 - Polish Infantry Mercenaries (Haiduks) 

The second box is a puzzle as I can find out NOTHING about these soldiers from the Internet.  Looks like I will have to pay Barnsley central library a visit for some old-fashioned book research

I took some photos, in spite of having my house lights on at mid day.  The quality is pretty poor AND the blog is failing to load pictures at the moment.  Perhaps fate is playing a card or two!

So here's my 'verbal' report:

4 x 12 figures - none of them have the "Kontusz overcoat with decorative buttons down the front" that all the 72073 box figures have.  All have boots, two have low turbans and the others have fur hats.  Armament comprises of: swords (6), axes (3), spear (1), musket (1) and pistol (1).

Still waiting for a delivery from Essex - more on that later.


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