Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Polish Paholki

After many grey days (with consequent low light levels) I managed to photograph the mysterious Polish troops:

4th/3rd figure - musket is rather short

 2nd figure - sword very close to the body.

1st figure - pistol is much too short
3rd figure - difficult to separate the spear from the sprue

Rather nice figures (if a bit cramped in places).  Anybody have any ideas about them? 

1 comment:

  1. 1. Name of the set - 'Polish Paholki' - 'paholki' means 'servants', in that meaning servants of Polish nobles that were volunteers in Polish and Lithuanian armies (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's army was in large part made of volunteers). Usually they're peasant enlisted by noble as servants during campaigns - from taking care of horse to feeding him and his retinue. In some situation they could be used as fighting force (especially when defending camp and during siege) but they're not soldiers as such. So this is very strange choice indeed, when You can consider that so many formations of Polish and Lithuanians armies of this period are not available in 1:72 scale.
    2. TYW period - very strange choice, as obviously P-L Commonwealth wasn't officialy involved in that war.
    3. Cover - there's Polish noble there, and he of course shouldn't be part of such set ;)
    4. Minis - rather odd mix, with at least 2-3 models looking like nobles. Far to many men have sabres, just one with arkebus, one with very odd spear that wasn't used by such men. Some axes looks ok, pistol was rather odd choice.
    In overall - Mars yet again done very poor historical research and release some awful set (although - at least when one consider the photo - quality of minis don't look so bad).