Thursday, 17 October 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Been too tied up with another task to do any blogging lately....or any figure painting for that matter. 

Nevertheless I have manged a couple of DBM games since my last entry.  This Monday's fight was Southern Dynasty Chinese versus Moors.  The enemy managed to site their Vandal Kn(F) allies directly opposite my Reg Bd(F) - Oh! Oh!  The inevitable result was a demolished command - however the Vandals were also knocked out - result 5:5 (draw).

As I put away my soldiers I noticed that the stack in the loft had shifted slightly.  "Best to sort it out before it all falls down with the resultant mayhem", I thought.  Whilst re-positioning and securing I found an old box marked "Meso-Americans".  Inside was my  Aztec 6th Edition (WRG) army  - plus a few others.

A little light went on - could this be my next project?  The top layer was promising with contributions from Tin Soldier, Naismith, MY & Gladiator.  Unfortunately the bottom layer was not so good - 30 bases of very mixed figures like these:

Under 6th Ed Aztecs were a powerful army - high morale, multiple weapons, regular commands.  When 7th (and subsequent WRG rules) came in the Aztecs were transformed into 'no-hopers'.  The nobles became Bd(I) and the followers Hd(S) - Ouch! 

Looks like I tried to find a way to fight with them and failed.  Legend has it that one chap succeeded by hiding his nobles at the back whilst letting the Hd(S) do all the work - not exactly historical!

So now I'm faced with sorting out this little mess and trying to identify some of the figures.  Once I know what I have I can think about the context.   The skirmish rules "Conflict at World's End" quite take my fancy.

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