Sunday, 29 September 2013

Maya Completed

 Well.....not quite complete actually - I need a further 4 bases of commoners with spears. As I don't intend buying 5 more boxes of Caesar Maya just to get them I will have to raid the 'native reserve'. 

 All Caesar (except the Alligator Knights) 

Front right - Alligator Knights (Revell & Caesar) 
Back right -General's unit (white plumes).

So what's next?

Can't do anything with the Incas until I find the weapons I so carefully cut from the sprues and put away in a 'safe place'.  Also need to figure out how to build a litter for the general.

Recent purchases might give me a push though:

Orion 72013 - Ukrainian Foot Cossaks and Artillery
Orion 72007 - Polish Winged Hussars
Red Box RB72050 - Highland Infantry

I'm also finishing off the last of my Hellenistics. 

Have a feeling I might be looking for a change of scene........

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