Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Unexpected Army - Tarascans

With a second tranche of warriors on my painting board I looked at the Maya army list variations. 

For the 'Post Classical Period' DNW wanted 11-31 Commoner Archers.  So basically 55 archers in breechclout needed.  A search through my plastic stocks found nothing suitable nor anything that I could convert in such numbers.

What I did find was some figures in tunics.  So what could I use them for?  An opportunity to dive back into my source books.

Reading about the Tarascans (also called Purempecha, Purepacha, Huacanace & Michoaca) showed soldiers with very short tunics but the text says that they were often longer - aha!  The bulk of them are archers plus some suit-wearers and otomi mercenaries.

 2 x Sh(S) backed up by 2 x Sh(O)

 Atlantic Trojans -the kneeling figure is somewhat larger than the rest

Sh(O) - rather two-dimensional figures

 This core of archers amounts to - 11 x Sh(O) @ 3 ap = 33
                                                      2 x Sh(S) @ 5 ap = 10
From 'stock natives' I can add - 5 x Bd(S) @ 5 ap =  25
                                                 3 x Sk @ 2 ap = 6
So that's 74 points out of 90 taken care of.  I now need to find 3 x Bd(S) Otomi mercenaries.

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