Friday, 8 March 2019

Dr Who Books

It's been a while since I last posted - illness and RL getting in the way.  The reports of my death are....premature.  So on with the motley.

Whilst laid up I have finished some books:

(1)  "Revolt in the Desert" by T.E.Lawrence - an abridged version of "Seven Pillars of Wisdom". 

Somewhat self-aggrandising, overtly literary and, at times, disjointed.  The book is more atmosphere than detail - illustrating a series of skirmishes and political intrigue.  Not much use for the average wargamer.

(2) "Dr Who and the Auton Invasion" by Terence Dicks

A tale of the Pertwee Doctor featuring UNIT.  Both sides are trying to recover 'meterorites" so that the Autons can/cannot take over the Earth.  Straightforward stuff that would easily translate into a tabletop skirmish game.

(3)  "Dr Who and the Ribos Operation" by Ian Marter
A tale of two con men and a deposed despot.  Tom Baker being his usual self.  Much of the action takes place in a mausoleum so more useful as a dungeon crawler rather than a wargame.

(4)  "Dr Who and the War Games" by Malcolm Hulke
For this blog I asked myself "which Doctor is it" and was unable to give an answer.  Of  course I could look it up - Jamie and Zoe as companions - but what a vanilla Doctor!  Aliens recruiting and selecting soldiers from Earth's past.  I vaguely remember the tv episodes which were quite entertaining.  This book does the Doctor no favours.

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