Saturday, 12 January 2019

A New Period - Jacobite Rebellion (part 1)

So I'm starting the new year with a new period - The Jacobite Rebellions 1689 - 1745.

With these two boxes arriving at my door (and my existing stock of foot figures) I have something to fight with.

Initially this box will provide just  some 'government' artillery.

Next some mounted troops for both sides - nominally 'dragoons'.  

Still looking for some suitable Jacobite 'light horse' though.

For rules I am starting out by using the DBA-HX variant "De Bellis Jacobitis" by David G. Medlock & Troy D. Stair. As these free rules seem to have dissapeared from the webiverse here are the army lists:

Government:    1 General, 1x3 Shooting Warband, 3x3 Dragoons, 1x1 Cannon,
                         7x4 Muskets  [31 foot, 10 horse, 1 art]

Jacobites:    1 General, 1x2 Light Horse, 1x3 Dragoons, 1x4 Muskets,
                    9x3 Shooting Warband  [31 foot, 6 horse]

These are for the 1745 conflict so I needed to look in DBA-RRR for the earlier revolt(s) and government forces for the period 1688 to 1691.

Searching the net I found another set of rules - "Jacobite Rules" by Graham Cookson and Gus Merchie.  The army lists are generic (rather than time specific) and the rules completely different to DBJ.  Extra detail on units, tartans, etc.  Look interesting and worth a try.

I also found a blogger who has posted a number of entries on the subject as well as many 20mm conversions:

Painting of foot is under way and my new additions in 'chemical processing'.

DBA v3 - played 3 games versus Ian recently:
Ch'in Chinese (2.4) v Hsiung-Nu (2.38a) - 5:0 win - the terrain helped a lot.

Western Franks (3.52) v Nikephorian Byzantine (3.65) - 3:4 loss - all those double-based bow and knights were just too much.

Northern Dynasties Chinese (2.79a) v Kushan (2.46c) - 4:3 win - a 'narrow run thing'.

DBN - Austrians (1813-14) v Prussians - 7:2 win - some strange outcomes here - Ian's flank attack by hussars was blown away by two musket stands.  I lost my artillery to a counter battery dual (only need to beat opponent's dice roll).  Maybe v2 has more nuances?

Damn Battleships Again - found a carton of mixed WW1 & WW2 models in my Renaissance plastics box (where else!!!).  Only around half of them were annotated so I consulted two club experts.  Based a few loose items up and now have to paint the sea (plus wake) to match the others.
According to the rules I need some civilian craft as obstacles - might look in Junior General to find some top-down models!

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