Sunday, 30 December 2018

Back On Line At Last!

Computer Woes

In early December my hard drive failed.  I took the computer to the shop only to be told that the motherboard was cracked and consequently of no use.

After much mithering (Yorkshire expression) I purchased a second-hand unit with Win 10 pre-installed.

Approx 70% of the old HD data can be recovered plus recourse to various backups.  This work will take some time.


Not much has been happening with the club closed down from the 15th Dec to Jan 7th.

Due to play DBA v3 this coming Wednesday.

Doing some research on the Jacobites.  Have read the Osprey title and found it lacking in depth.  Seem to recall that there was a WRG title covering the period - anybody remember it?

New Year Resolutions (regarding this blog)

Mr Dean is planning to start a club blog early in the new year so I think my reporting of WDW games can go there rather than here in future.

As I enjoy playing DBA-RRR I am thinking about putting more information up.  Trouble is this blog does not have the capacity to host documents so maybe I will be moving  in due course!

Anyway.......I wish all my readers/viewers a




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