Monday, 19 November 2012

Not What It Seems

Not What It Seems

Last Saturday (17th Nov) I purchased two boxes of plastic soldiers:

HaT 8024 - Numidian Cavalry [12 figs for £4.25 - 35.4p each]
Zvezda 8049 - Russian Infantry of Peter the Great 1695-1725  [43 figs for £3.80 - 8.8p each]

The latter have long coats and wide cuffs but at this scale are still suitable for frontiersmen, settlers, riflemen or other irregulars for the French-Indian Wars and the American War of Independence.

The former were a bit of a surprise.  The box was standard, as were the illustrations on the side.  the contents, however, were far from it..  Instead of light horse there was cavalry.  These are the riders:

The one on the left seems to be of early Italian origin.
On the right we have a Gaul.

Both of these are Hellenistic types.

The one on the left shows Spanish influences.
On the right is another Gaul.

Not sure what either of these are supposed to be.

Juba I (55-46 bc) had a Gallic and Spanish bodyguard so presumably that is what these figures are meant to represent!   

Can anybody throw any light on this?

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