Saturday, 17 November 2012

Club Medievals

Club Medievals

Finished a batch of club medievals / Wars of the Roses.  Andrew acquired a job lot from Ebay and I got lumbered with painting them. All these are Museum Miniatures.

MD10 HYW French Brigans - brigandine, plate, helm
(and yes Pink was an official colour of the time)

MD15 WoR Lancastrian Billmen - HI, chain, plate legs, bill, upright
(given that these chaps are likely to end up as levy I only gave them plate knee protectors)

On the Left - MD05 HYW French Crossbowmen - MI, mail, hauberk, kettle, firing.
On the Right - MD04 HYW Genoese Crossbowmen - LHI, mail, hauberk / brigand, pavase.

It seems that mercenary 'Italian' captains outfitted their troops in their own, preferred, livery but the shields showed their area of origin.  In this case it is Asti or Savoy (had I put red on white it might be Genoa, Milan or Padua).  Some 'Italian' states had really complex designs that I would not want to try in 15mm.

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