Sunday, 4 November 2012

Catching Up

Catching Up

Bit of a mixed bag today - starting with Dr Who figures:

Minotaur in the centre - Cyberman to the sides.  

Added some lighter silver  in places to give more contrast to the Cybermen.  Also added a purple wash to the head.  If not for the feet it's hard to tell which way a cyberman is facing.  I think they are improved but still not entirely happy! 

Haven't got the Minotaur's antlers quite right either - will have to think again.

Only the 5 Daleks left to finish the batch.

Two recent purchases - HaT 8054 Italian Ally Cavalry
                                    HaT 8055 Spanish Cavalry

Neither of them are new issues but both are destined for long-term projects.

The Italians will be converted into Araucanian figures to fight the Spanish in Chile.  I'm wading through "The Grand Araucanian Wars (1541-1883) in the Kingdom of Chile" by Eduardo Agustin Cruz.  It's not an easy task as the translator hasn't done the author many favours - sometimes it flows but otherwise its Pidgeon English.  Still I'm soldiering on (ouch!).

The Spanish are destined to be added to my Renaissance Arabs fighting in North Africa versus a Portuguese adventurer.

Thinking about the number of projects I have on the go - and not being in the flower of my youth - I will need to carry out a review to see what is really viable and what can go to the bring-and-buy.  Don't want to go into 2013 with a huge pile of unfinished metal and plastic do I?

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