Tuesday, 27 November 2012

ACW to the Fore

ACW To The Fore

Inspired by the blog "The Airfix American Civil War Project"


I delved into my attic to find the file boxes of ACW figures.  Here's some of what I found:

front - 17th Virginia CSA
rear - 8th south Carolina CSA

front - 19th Virginia CSA
[some Russian Napoleonics mixed in]
rear - 11th Virginia CSA

44th New York Zouaves USA
[French Foreign Legion conversions]

Keystone Zouaves
[I think these are Mahdist foot conversions - plus an odd standard-bearer]

All these figures have been gathering dust for years.  Still if we are dealing in nostalgia some leeway has to be allowed......I hope!

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  1. I reckon that every wargamer has some old Airfix or plastic figures hidden away somewhere! Interesting Mahdist conversions!