Thursday, 29 June 2017

Not A Lot

Monday 26th June 2017 - WDW

'Black Powder' - Frreman's Farm re-fight (AWI)
'Oregan' - boardgame

DBM - Makkan v Philistine - Al wanted to field the later version of the army with Cv(S).  That meant he also had to convert all his Bd(F) into Sp(I).  We were facing an army bristling with Wb(F) and Bw(I).

I was just managing to hold onto the extreme left flank with a block of chariots (versus the inevitable Camels).  Unfortunately my Ps(I) and Sp(I) were demolished when the warband hit. 

Meanwhile Al had managed to slaughter a load of Wb & Bow breaking an enemy command.  So victory was a distinct possibility!

On a vital match up my Sp(I) managed a '5'.  "Only a 6 will win this", said Andy.  Guess what happened!  The dice gods were clearly not on my side this day.

Wednesday 28th June 2017

After complaining about record high temperatures in June I noticed the car (external) thermostat - 11 degrees at 14.00 hrs.  It started raining Monday evening and has not let up since.  We are not talking biblical proportions here just constant light rain, wind and grey skies.  No wonder the British are always talking about the weather - it's so damn changeable. 

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