Thursday, 8 June 2017

Just Another Week

Monday 5th June 2017 - WDW

'The Men Who Would Be King' - Mahdists v Egyptians (and Sudanese) - good to see a colonial game going on.  The Egyptians managed to hold off the hordes of Dervishes.

'Square Bashing' - Austrians v French 1914

'Roll Through the Ages' - dice game - using a 'peg-board' - unusual

DBM - Later Crusader v Syrian - a tough game with Lh(S) facing off on our L (their R).  Our right flank showed Irr Kn(F) supported by Bw(O).  Al advanced wondering what was hidden behind the crest of a steep hill.  The answer turned out to be 10 x Irr Ax(O).  This flank could have gone either way and finished with both commands teetering on the edge of oblivion.  In the centre the dismounted Armenian knights backed up the Bw(O).

I was lucky on the dice killing 3 Lh(S) elements in the first round of contact.  The next round I killed 3 more and that command collapsed.  For once the dice gods smiled upon me.

Thursday 8th June 2017

RL getting in the way of wargaming (and I am not referring to a certain uk event).

Have found some photos of red-brick buildings so, when time permits, I can finish off my aquarium ornament.

Dug out my copy of "Hordes of the Empire" and dusted off my colonial figures.  Trouble is that I have never found a 'colonial' set that I am entirely happy with.  As a consequence I have figures on a multitude of different base sizes and numbers per element.   Saturday's game(s) will require 24 points per army so hopefully I have enough for that.

'Furioso' - new set of early Renaissance rules have just come out.  Although I prefer to fight in the 17th century period rule mechanisms are often transferable.   Generally I play DBA-RRR but there are certain aspects that I want to tweak - Reiters for example.

Still de-cluttering my house.  Still found nothing of great interest.  At least all the junk is being amalgamated into 'dedicated' boxes.  Friends turning up tomorrow to help me lug furniture around - oh joy!

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