Thursday, 22 June 2017

Crumbly Castle

Saturday 17th June 2017 - Phalanx 2017

Steam hissing from their noses, feet pawing the ground, jostling, fidgeting and a heady sense of excitement.  No not the Paplona run or the start of a marathon but something far more tense - the opening of the Bring & Buy at Phalanx 2017. Once the starting whistle went off the crowd surged to engulf the tables - two and three deep in places.  I waited my time - necessity - as I'm not the biggest or burliest contestant in that particular rugby scrum.

When there was space I took a look and came away with two boxes of plastics:

Caesar 009 - Egyptian Army
Revell 2557 - Swedish Infantry

I managed to resist three boxes of Samurai (2 x Cav & 1 x Inf) telling myself that I would never paint them.

At the traders I was unable to purchase a copy of 'Lion Rampant' as rules were, generally, in poor supply.  I did manage to pick up some dice holders and 7mm dice for my New World project though.

This year I drove across from Mytholmroyd using the M62 /  M60 / M62 route. Luckily it was too early for the Trafford centre traffic but the roadworks meant that nearly all my journey was at 50 mph.  It took me 1 hr 20 mins - and would have been less if the signing between the M60 and the second part of the M62 had been up to the job. 

Here's some other views about the event:

Sunday 18 June 2017 - Will's Wargames Blog -

Saturday 18th June 2017 - WDW

Whilst I was in 'foreign parts' and strongly holding onto my passport, there was action on the home front.  Here's Chris' report:

"Saturday 17th June 2017 saw the 102nd anniversary of the day that was neither Quatre Bras nor Waterloo.

There were two games. Tim Kohler and Chris North, both regular competitors in The Northern League,  had a close-fought DBMM between Book 3 Poles (Tim) and Mediaeval Hindu Indian (Chris). At half time the score was 1 command each; but in the second half, the Poles finished the Indians off.

Chris Jackson organised an Age of Eagles Marengo refight, with John Smith as Napoleone Buonaparte and Andrew Parkin and Jim Ellis as Melas and Ott respectively. As with the original, the French had the advantage in Infantry (Columnar, with a sprinkling of Elites in Desaix's force); the Austrians (Linear) a numerical advantage in Cavalry (Albeit lights only) and artillery. The Austrian objective was simple - force open an escape route to the East via Marengo.

Given the difficulty of a direct assault on Marengo across the Fontanone, the Austrians reinforced their left and tried a turning movement. The French responded with a spirited attack by Kellerman's cavalry brigade, supported by dragoons. These took a battery; seriously damaged a light dragoon brigade, and pushed back an infantry brigade before Jim stabilised the situation. With Desaix seen in the distance, Andrew pushed several cavalry brigades across to the South of Marengo, while fixing the French frontally in the centre.There followed a fierce battle with Cavalry riding down French infantry brigades, only to succumb to the next brigade in line; which in turn was taken out by the next cavalry brigade.  The Austrians lost three cavalry brigades; the french three infantry brigades with three more "worn". As the sun began to set in the West, Andrew threw a large fresh Austrian brigade at two smaller worn brigades at the side of Marengo; victory would have opened the way to freedom. They bounced him back. A Hussar brigade was across, and in position to breakout; but that was all. By now, Jim had forced the French right-wing cavalry to withdraw, (Albeit largely undamaged), and had established a line of three batteries, half a dozen foot brigades, and some cavalry, and was advancing menacingly towards the French right. However...By common consent, it was agreed that a long day of battle had ended. Melas and Desaix had fought each other to a standstill; Jim had been held up long enough by the French cavalry. Tactically, this was a drawn battle; strategically, a french win, with only Ott able to escape being driven back and surrounded by converging French columns."

Sunday 18th June 2017 - Halifax

Another visit to the new store.  It seems to me that 28mm is taking over from 1/72nd (20mm) so there is less for me to purchase these days.  I did get one box though:

Waterloo 1815 AP 011 - Dervish Infantry

In addition I obtained 2 wide brushes (fan shaped) for dry-brushing.

Looking at my figure acquisitions it seems that I am majoring on the 'Universal Soldier' (Dylan?). 

The Swedish infantry have found themselves in all sorts of 30 Years Wars armies from French to Germans to Swedes to Danes. 

Some of the Dervishes may actually end up in the Sudan but others will be supporting the Brits in WW1 East Africa.  Also possible would be 'ancients' use and for some of the African DBA-RRR armies.

Finally the Egyptian army are hindered by their strange wigs and tapered breech clouts.  However I can think of ways to wield a crafting knife to overcome these problems.  What's a little Green Stuff between friends huh!

Wednesday 22nd June 2017

I heard that a record temperature was recorded at Heathrow yesterday - 35.4 C. The shortest night should, however, be more bearable as it has just rained in the north of England.

Finished the re-paint of "Crumbly Castle" at last (think that title came from a very old computer game).

Started reading a 'new' book:

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