Thursday, 4 May 2017

Back from my Hols...

Monday 1st May 2017 (Bank Holiday) - WDW

Saga - no details
Bolt Action - no details
HotT - no doubt practice for Saturday at Horbury library. 

DBM - Nikephorian Byzantine with Arab allies (Andy + Chris) against Ottonian.
"The arab ally was unreliable, until the moment the Germans went in, then sprang to life. There was a slaughter in the middle, of Byzantine bowmen and Ottonian knights, with the game ending a couple of casualties (on each side) short of a decision."

Tuesday 2nd May 2017 - Burnley WGC

I was last there two years ago - a touch of Deja Vu!

I struggled to find the turning off the main road (didn't help that Google maps had the wrong number for the A road).  Eventually turned into a filling station where I asked a guy working there where the college was - he didn't know.  The other guy pointed next door and said "turn right at the lights."  So I turned left and left again into Ennismore Street.

There were two guys with vehicles standing around outside the venue - it was 7.35 pm.  A few more arrived but nobody had a key!  A car was despatched and the hall opened up at 8.10 pm.

Deja Vu!  This was almost a complete re-run of two years ago.

On offer were two WW2 games (and that was it).  Normally I walk away from such games but after leaving Mytholmroyd some two hours earlier I was determined to play something. 

One table had "Bolt Action" which I have observed before and not been impressed by. 

The other was using 'home-grown' rules.  So I became the German second in command facing off against hordes of Russians.  In spite of some hairy moments we gave the Reds a pasting.  On paper the rules looked very complicated but they played well and were fun.

The Burnley lads are welcoming to guests so I would recommend visiting the club.  Maybe one proviso....don't expect to start at the advertised time (7.30 pm)....I don't think the word punctuality is in their dictionary!

Thursday 4th May 2017

Well I have unpacked and it is brilliant sunshine outside.  Plastic soldiers are going through 'chemical processing'.  My esteemed neighbours are being noisy again.  Just an ordinary day I suppose!  Must get on with de-cluttering my house. Watch this space!

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