Thursday, 11 May 2017

Converting DBMM lists to DBM

 A friend recently requested a copy of my 'breakdown' of a DBMM army list.  He said "Why don''t you put it on your blog?"  Well....I don't think that the actual 'breakdown' would be a problem but using an example text might be!   So here goes and let's hope no lawyers are sharpening their pencils.

Stage 1:  Mark up the DBMM army list 

This is a 'fictionalised' version of the real list.  It sticks to the correct time references but deliberate mistakes have been made. No copyright infringement is intended - this page is reproduced only as an example to show my methods.  You will need a copy of DBM Army lists Book 1 to make complete sense of the 'breakdown'.

The scribbles - (a)  Mark each paragraph with a code letter (A-H in this case)
                         (b)  Delete lines that do not apply to DBM (eg brilliant generals and strategems)
                         (c)  Correct any army point values (for DBM v3.2)
The highlights - (a)  Allies
                           (b)  Clauses - usually in the bottom 'blurb'

Stage 2:  Produce a spreadsheet

In this case the resultant 'breakdown' need only be temporal.

As you can see some of the conditions are repeated - hence the ticks & crosses.  So rather than 12 separate lists there are only really 8.

Other lists can be much more complicated but I thought that I would start with an easy one (this is the folk dance  method).

Stage 3:  Look at the Allies

Some may be worth having and some not. Also consider any restrictive clauses.

Step 4:  Produce Army Lists

This is not always a matter of cramming in as many possibilities as you can - some may have very little value (like C, E or G above).

A Further Aid

The Wakefield & District Wargamers website has a link on this page:

to help you convert DBMM to DBM - terrain and troop type equivalents.

Hope you find this entry helpful!

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