Thursday, 27 April 2017

Pastures New(ish)

Yes I'm on my hols in sunny Mytholmroyd|  It started to sleet just as I left Havercroft but brightened up as I reached Copley.  As I came out of the Co-op in Mytholmroyd the sky darkened and a hail storm commenced.  Since then there has been intermittent sleet.

Sunday 23rd April 2017 - Gt. Houghton

Three games of DBA versus Ian/Sonic in his underground bunker.  

First was a Dark Ages scrap (which I won by occupying a flanking steep hil).  

Second a Warring States civil war where I was annihilated 5 - 1 (including my general).  

Last was Radagaseus v Romans.  A more even game where neither of us could throw decent movement dice.  At half time we were both 2 elements down.  My situation was looking grim when the Romans came into contact but then the dice gods stepped in.  A 6-1 against a Roman psiloi opened up a flank.  Then came a 6-2 followed by another 6-1.  The surviving Romans fled the field.  

Of course it was my superior tactics that swept all before me - NOT.

Monday 24th April 2017 - WDW

The AGM tonight - yawn!!!

Bolt Action - Germans v Allies (British + Americans)
Trafalgar - ship action - models laid out and rules discussed
HotT - Orcs v Elves - Andrew & I won a game each (using the Elves); Jim didn't.

Thursday 27th April 2017 - Halifax

Took a bus trip to good old Halifax and its model shop - that wasn't there!!!  Well..the town was and, strictly speaking, so was the shop.  An empty shell with only an old sign above the door.  Disaster!

After enquiring at the newsagents next door I was told that it had moved around the corner towards the railway station.  I hot-footed it to 25, Horton Street, Halifax. HX1 1QE  (01422 349157).  The premises are much bigger with more light.  In scope it reminded me of the old premises in the Piece Hall.

Only made one purchase - Strelets M052 Turkish Army (Crimean War).  Suitably painted they will join the ranks of my colonial Egyptians to fight the Mahdist hordes.  It also occurred to me that they might work for WW1 in Mesopotamia.  Hmmm!  Just what I need another period and theatre when I am trying to de-clutter.

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