Sunday, 16 April 2017

Yes It's Sunday!

Those with a long memory may have thought of Radio Luxembourg. Nobody under 50 need apply.

Monday 10th April 2017 - WDW

No, I wasn't there but am reliably informed that these games took place:

"Bolt Action" WW2 - a practice for the big game on Saturday
DBM - don't have any details
"Chain of Command" WW2 scrap with Andrew & Tim once again struggling with the rules.

Saturday 15th April 2017 - WDW

I called in around 1300 hrs to see what was going on.  Almost immediately I was grabbed by the chairman to collect the subs.

"Bolt Action" WW2 -  'Bastogne' -  Americans v Germans - played over an extended table in three sections
"Chain of Command" WW2 - A & T finally getting to grips with the rules but not being impressed by them.
Baroque -  English Civil War.

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