Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Yes It's Thursday

 (02:19 hrs Thursday 7th April 2016)

 Another slow week with too much going on outside the wargaming 'arena'.

Saturday 2nd April - completely forgot that we had an 'extra' Saturday at the club.  Only one game was on - "Age of Eagles" Napoleonic scrap - Aspern-Essling

Sunday 3rd April - posted on the 'dbmlist' Yahoo group - re DBM tech levels - got 11 replies.

Monday 4th April:

DBM 'friendly' - Malay v Vietnamese - I expected to face Medieval Vietnamese (Book 3) but the 'Earlies' (Book 1) decided to turn up instead.  Jim had the centre with the Wb(S) and, in spite of some impressive dicing, went down to the opposition. 

It didn't help that his right flank (my Ming Chinese) were 'frozen' at the start.  Even after a 6 had been thrown I could do little to help.  Chris managed to hold onto the (Malay) left flank damaging the opposition in the process..

As Al's (Vietnamese) command was very close to breaking we called a halt at 2100 hrs.  Chris & I had lost nothing and Andy very little.   The 5 of us agreed that it was a 6:4 win for the Vietnamese.  Bearing in mind that setting up these big armies took until 1945 this was probably one of our shortest games ever.

As far as I'm concerned that was the last outing for the Malay - now what can I morph them into?

On the other tables - Fubar Medieval - it looked like a Saga game - with 25mm figures.
                               - Impetus Wars of the Roses v Burgundian.

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