Thursday, 28 April 2016

Perusing the Portuguese

 Monday 25th April 2016

Wakefield & District Wargamers AGM - it took a while - 18.50 to 20.20 hrs.   It was 4 degrees C outside.

Two tables were running before the meeting and continued afterwards:
(1)  Impetus Medieval - Lancastrians v Burgundians &
(2)  Black Powder (Sikh Wars).

Al & I managed a DBA game pitting New Kingdom Egyptians v Early Sassanid (it's the figures we had available).  I lost 3 elements in short order and looked doomed.  Whilst trying to hold on grimly and not loosing that one fatal element I scored 4 successes.  The dice gods are capricious handing me an unlikely victory.

Tuesday 26th April 2016

I finished another book - not wargaming related:

It's the fifth book written by a friend of mine.  The previous tomes have been light-hearted amusing stories about life in the Calder valley (Yorkshire).  This one covers her childhood in Devon during the 1950s and 60s.

I well remember the class-apartheid inflicted upon the poorer parts of Croydon (Greater London) during that time - especially in the field of education.  Jill was discriminated against in another manner - because of her gender - social attitudes, parental control  and legal constraints.

The book is well worth a read if you have any interest in social history -

Wednesday  27th April 2016  (snowing)

After my stock-taking exercise with the Spanish I dug out the DBA-RRR Portuguese box.  According to the army slip I had gone for option (k) 1551-1700 with 13 elements consisting of:  2 x Kn(g) [1 Round & 1 Square]; 1 x Can; 6 x Sh; 2 x 3 Bd (Arabs) & 2 x Sk (Arabs).  This seems OK but it lacks the Lh (Ginetes) available in other sub-lists.

Four additional elements are marked as "Early" - 2 x Bw (Civilisados Xbow) & 2 x Bd (Civilisados Foot - sword & buckler men).

So how to squeeze in the Lh and re-align the army?  Choosing option (b):

 Morocco - 2 x Kn(g); 1 x 3Bd (civ); 1 x 3Bd (Arab); 1 x Bw [compulsory]
                 - 1 x 3Bd (civ); 1 x Bw; 1 x Can; 2 x Sk (Arab) [optional]
                 - 1 x Lh; 1 x 3Bd (civ); 1 x Bw [build]

This leaves 6 x Sh plus 1 x 3Bd (Arab) floating.

The 6 x Sh can be used as a basis for List 1.40: English or Dutch Colonial 1607-1700.

(b) or (c) - 2 x Sh(g); 4 x Sh  [compulsory]
               - 1 x Cv; 1 x Drg; 2 x Sh; 2 x Sk; 1 x Gun  [optional]

The 'leftover' Arab Bd will, therefore, stay in the box (until I build another 'Arab' army).  More to ponder I think!

Thursday 28th April 2016

I came across an interesting discussion on a forum about the Fog Army List:

Seems that my caution was warranted.  Watch this space!


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