Monday, 20 January 2014

Progress Report

....Or Lack Of!

My music project is still hampering me - I haven't been able to do any painting for weeks.
However, with a Monday off I have time to sort out some of the mess and write a quick blog note.

Last week's DBM game was Ghaznavids v Nikephorian Byzantine.  The terrain fell to my liking with a marsh to left and some rough going to my right.  Placing my  (allied) Qarakhanid command in the centre I hoped to hold off the opposition whilst attacking on the left versus their (allied) Georgians.

My sub-general ably handled his troops defeating the Georgians.  The Qarakhanid Cv(S) helped against the enemy Kn(F) but this left the Lh(S) pretty exposed.  It was touch-and-go in the centre with only one casualty needed to break that command.  On the right nothing much happened.  Still we turned out 6:4 winners (unlike the previous weeks drubbing).

On the plastics front I see that PSR has taken some proper photos of the Polish Paholki (see their 'Awaiting Review' section).  I'm waiting for a delivery from Hatfield - more on that later.

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