Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Arrivals

On Wednesday I received a package from Hatfields:
                             2 x  HaT 8192 Natal Native Contingent (64 figs, 8 poses)
                  1 x Red Box 72046 Scurrers (12 horses in 2 poses / 12 riders in 6 poses)

After 'chemical processing' I cleaned the bases of enough figures so that they would stand to be photographed.  I then had to wait for a non-grey day.  This afternoon there was a brief gap between deluges when the sky was actually blue.

The scale is similar to the 'Call to Arms' Zulus - that is on the small and delicate side.
The last 2 figures could find themselves being converted to Hereroes/Hottentots.

The Hat site has some pictures of painted figures:
(scroll down to 8192)

                             A mixture of armour and headgear - most armed with spear/light lance.
             I can't help feeling that the guy on the right
                             has a real hangover!
The horses - the flash is bad in some places.  Cutting the figures free of the sprue wasn't easy either particularly getting between the rider's legs (ouch!).

Although these are Wars of the Roses figures I am looking at them to supply irregular cavalry contingents to Scottish, English & (maybe) Irish armies of some 200 years later.

I look forward to the PSR reviews.

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