Thursday, 11 January 2018

Trials & Tribulations

Monday 8th January 2018 - WDW

DBM - Later Pre-Islamic Arabs v Later Carthaginian - another boring draw.
Square Bashing - Germans v Brits 1914
Small Star Empires (tile game) x 3

Weekly Round-up

(a)  Monday 18th Dec 2017:
DBM - Philistines v Later Mycenaean (draw)
Hitler's War (boardgame)

Some free rules - Ancients, Victorian & 20thC in English
Also some flags for ACW.

(c)  Still waiting for my Napoleon in Egypt book.  Latest email gives apology for the delay. 

(d)  Next Monday I will be using Hsi-Hsia from the v2 DBMM army lists.  Working on a viable list while my cat is looking for attention - sigh!

(e)  No central heating so freezing my socks off.  Engineer yet to turn up today.  Not looking forward to the bill or the results of my MOT. 

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