Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Just One Scrap

 [It's 01.00 hrs on Thursday]

Monday 15th February - DBM - Scots Common versus Timurid

Normally Andy fields armies with plenty of punch - Wb(F), Kn(F) or similar.  Facing a mass of Irr Pk(I) he went for Timurids.  The only offensive troops we had were 4 x El(O) & 4 x Exp(O).  Otherwise it was Cv(S).

When time was called neither side had lost significant numbers of troops or looked likely to - a really dull draw.

Wednesday 17th February - far too many commitments on the Folk Dancing front so little progress on my paint  table.  Still...the foot have reached the ink/dry-brush stage with the horse not far behind.  Unfortunately next week looks even busier so don't hold your breath.   Such is life dear reader!

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