Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Fate's Wrecking Ball

Thursday 11th February 2016 (00.12 hrs)

This post should have been all about my visit to Vapnartak (York) on Sunday 7th for the best wargames show in the north (of England).  Instead it's a tale of missed opportunities.

My Peugeot 406 decided to start flashing a STOP warning - Engine Coolant Temperature Too High - as I drove back from Wrenthorpe on Friday evening.  Of course I wasn't able to get it repaired on a weekend and didn't dare risk an engine seizure.

It was not until yesterday (Wednesday) that it was sorted out - a broken sensor and a minor tweak to the engine management system - cost £40.

Getting to Vapnartak was still theoretically possible by public transport.  First bus on a Sunday; having to go via Wakefield (as our direct link to Fitzwilliam has been cut)  and arriving at York 5 minutes after the hourly bus has left for Knaresmire made the journey impractical.

At Monday's club meeting I was down to play an Anglo-Zulu game run by Bob.  No doubt a sub was found.

Well.......I had been thinking about replacing my aging car for some time (as it is 15 years old) but I hadn't got around to it.  Now I can hear the wrecking ball coming.

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