Thursday, 27 August 2015

On a Hiding to Nothing

Saturday (22nd) - Cloudburst - large puddle in the kitchen and the water started to over-top the front door sill.  I was lucky as one of my near neighbours had raw sewage flowing through his garden.

Monday (24th) - DBM scrap between Al's Later Crusaders and my Later Muslim Indians.

My able SG (Chris) did reasonably well in the centre and right flank.  The Reg Bd(F) lost a few bases but caused quite a bit of damage in the process.

On the left flank yours truly had the C-in-C's command of  Reg Cv(S) supported by Irr Bw(I)  and a couple of  Lh(O).  My opposition didn't look too bad but then up popped some Reg Kn(S).   I fared badly and blamed the match-up.  I also thought that my Bw(I) might have done better.

Working out the tables, and allowing for 'superior' and 'inferior' status (plus 'quick kills') the results were not as I expected.

Bw(I) v Kn(S) = 58.33% Bw deaths / 27.78% Kn / 13.89% draws
Cv(S) v Kn(S) = 27.78% Cv deaths /  27.78% Kn / 44.44% draws

So, in theory, I had an equal chance!  That's not accounting for the dice gods of course.  Oh well - it's only a game!

Tuesday (25th) -  taking cat to the vets - 6 teeth removed - £220 - eeeeeeek!

Wednesday (26th)  - calling at Barnsley U3A  Kitchen carpet finally drying out.

The trials and tribulations of a wargamer huh!

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